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Doc Johnson Releases Oral Sex Lollipops

Adult novelty manufacturer Doc Johnson has released a line of GoodHead Suckers, a variety of four-flavored oral sex lollipops.

As part of Doc Johnson's GoodHead line, each of the four flavors performs a different oral sex based function, the company said.

The GoodHead Suckers come in four flavors: Warming Cinnamon, Cooling Blue Ice, Numbing Blow Berry and Salivating Sour Apple.

"These playful suckers are poised to make an unprecedented impact on the adult novelty industry with their ingenuity, eye-catching packaging, and their delicious flavors," the company said. "Above all, the lollipops really do enhance oral sex."

For example, the company said that the numbing sucker (Blow Berry) alleviates the gag reflex for easier deep throating, while the salivating sour apple sucker activates the user's saliva glands for a wetter, sloppier blow job.

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