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Buzzfeed Delves Deep Into Doc Johnson

Buzzfeed Delves Deep Into Doc Johnson

In a feature-length cover piece entitled "Inside the Biggest Little Dildo Factory in America" Buzzfeed delves deep into the daily workings of adult products manufacturer Doc Johnson.

Natasha Vargas-Cooper, Buzzfeed contributor and article author, said "I had been dying to do a story on Doc Johnson because people say that America doesn't make things anymore - but we do! Going to Doc Johnson is like the Detroit dildos. I really admire the Bravermans' decision to stay in the states and cultivate manufacturing jobs for U.S. workers. I wish more employers would. Walking through Doc Johnson was like touring a Willy Wonka factory, just with more ball gags. It was weirdly inspiring to see 400 sex toy workers pouring rubber in North Hollywood when I considered the million plus sex toy factory workers over in Beijing. I am totally going to buy the new Black and Blue ankle cuffs!"

The full-length article covers the everyday processes of the manufacturing company, the cultural phenomena that influence sales, and the women and men who design, mold, pour and put the finishing touches on Doc Johnson's iconic pleasure products. The piece reveals the enormity of Doc Johnson's operations, from the 36 year history of the patriotic company, the 2.5 million pounds of rubber materials used annually, to the 500 employees producing an average of 5 million pieces a year.

COO Chad Braverman says, "We are committed to American manufacturing; we hope our customers and fans can better appreciate all the work that goes into each product. 75% of our goods are made in the United States, a feat that becomes more difficult every year. I think the BuzzFeed article did a wonderful job of describing the process each product goes through, from the first set of hands in the factory, to the last set of hands, the consumers."

The feature has achieved more than 270, 000 views and was rated at Buzzfeed's1.4X social (viral) lift.

"BuzzFeed's diverse readership has shown us an overwhelming positive response in the short time since the article published." said Doc Johnson's director of marketing and public relations. "The site's viral nature allows the story to spread to many untapped platforms that do not typically offer consumers a peek into the adult industry. This is excellent exposure for Doc Johnson. "