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Doc Johnson Shipping New WonderLand Display

Doc Johnson Shipping New WonderLand Display

Doc Johnson is now offering a full-sized display unit designed especially for the best-selling WonderLand collection.

The WonderLand display is designed to amplify the whimsical look of the product packaging and is offered as a loaded or unloaded unit, the company says. The loaded display includes 10 testers that fit into cut-outs on top of the shelf. It also includes three of each SKU for all of the massagers, the cock rings and the lubricants, as well as two POP displays that come with 12 potion bottles each, giving retailers a total of 79 items. The unloaded display does not include any WonderLand products but ships ready to be filled with existing stock.

"We are proud to offer such a versatile and bold display unit for WonderLand. Shoppers will be drawn to the whimsical bookshelf and eager to play with the storybook testers. This is a very exciting addition to our extensive in-store support program," Doc Johnson's Visual Merchandiser Krystal Silva said.

This modular display is comprised of six separate pieces that can be reconfigured and used as a free-standing floor display, mounted on the wall or separately on countertops and shelves.

For further information, catalogs and supplements, marketing materials such as posters, signage, and postcards, and instructions on how to order, contact Doc Johnson's sales department at: