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Doc Johnsons Chad Braverman Interviewed for

Doc Johnsons Chad Braverman Interviewed for

Doc Johnson COO, Chad Braverman, was recently interviewed for's Skin Central feature.

The site boasts more than 8 million visitors per month.

Braverman gave "SKINsight" into the world's largest sex toy manufacturer, discussing how he got started in the pleasure products industry, the most popular toys for male consumers, how products are tested, and even his favorite steamy scenes from movies.

The sex toy magnate also described the best part of his job and how "it continually changes and allows [Chad] to explore new ideas and concepts."

Braverman told Mr. Skin that he loves making people happy. "And in particular I enjoy being creative. I get to create new products for the company every quarter; it continually changes and allows me to explore new ideas and concepts."

He also mentioned some celebrity users of his company's products including Jenny McCarthy, Howard Stern sidekick Robin Quivers, Bethenny Frankel and Eva Langoria.

Commenting on the popularity and new acceptance of sex toys, Braverman said, "As more people start to understand that sex toys are just products, that these items will make them feel great, and that there is nothing dirty or seedy about toys, the tides continues to change. Sex toys are mainstream now."

"We appreciate Mr Skin's interest in Doc Johnson's history and in Chad on a personal level. The interview turned out to be an interesting and fun read. We hope the fans enjoy it," Doc Johnson director of marketing and public relations said.

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