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Doc Johnson Now Shipping 29-Piece Vac-U-Lock Platinum Range

Doc Johnson Now Shipping 29-Piece Vac-U-Lock Platinum Range

Doc Johnson is now shipping the first-wave of new Vac-U-Lock Platinum Edition products, which includes 12 complete sets, 12 attachments and five accessories.

Each of the 12 Vac-U-Lock Complete Sets include the new Vac-U-Lock Supreme adjustable harness made in neoprene for a comfortable fit, a Platinum Premium Silicone attachment, a removable black Vac-U-Lock plug, two O-rings, Vac-U-Lock Powder, and an instructional brochure.

The attachments included with each set include two realistically designed attachments, the 6" Realistic Cock and the Classic 8" in 3 colors; and six whimsically-shaped, colorful attachments in various sizes and textures - The Beau, The Belle, The Beauty, The Dream No. 14, The Wave and The Ribbed G.

There are 12 diverse Premium Attachments also sold separately; the 6" Realistic Cock and the Classic 8" are each available in three shades, and the six textured attachments are made in a different variety of colors than the versions included in the Complete Sets. All attachments are proudly made in the U.S., of 100% phthalate-free Platinum Premium Silicone.

The five new accessories include three adjustable harnesses made of smooth neoprene: The Luxe Harness, the Supreme Harness and the Corset Harness. Each harness contains a Vac-U-Lock plug and two O-rings for use with any strap-on compatible toy and all harnesses are fully adjustable to 69 inches. The realistic leather Whip It can be used for spanking or as an attachment for pony play. The Black Adapter Plug makes it possible to connect Vac-u-Lock attachments with accessories.

Kerin De Francis, director of sales, says, "Customers showed such a strong response to this line in January, when we gave ANME attendees a sneak peek, so we are very happy to have released all of the Vac-U-Lock Platinum Edition products. We are shipping orders now!"

All Vac-U-Lock products are interchangeable, the attachments are all universally harness-compatible, and the harnesses can be used with all other O-ring compatible toys.

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