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Doc Johnson Launches Ask the Doc Radio Show on Playboy

Doc Johnson Launches Ask the Doc Radio Show on Playboy

Doc Johnson has announced the launch of "Ask The Doc" radio show on Playboy Radio.

The weekly show will be hosted by Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson's creative director, and Sunny Rodgers, Doc Johnson's marketing guru. The show will give listeners an inside look into one of America's leading sex toy manufacturers.

Slotted to broadcast live every Friday between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. PST on Playboy Radio, the show will focus on the abundant questions sent to Doc Johnson's Customer Service department and posted on its new B2B site. The podcasts will be available on Playboy Radio and iTunes.

"When Playboy sought us out and presented us with the opportunity to do the first-ever radio show dedicated to sex toys and the sex toy industry, I knew this would be a great venue to keep breaking down barriers attached to this business," said Braverman. "We have had so many people contact Doc Johnson for help over the years that having this radio show to directly reach the public seems like a perfect way for us to answer all those questions, as well as answer questions directly from our listeners."

The show also offers listeners a fresh take on "the perceived life at a dildo factory," Rogers explains.

"Every day someone approaches me and asks, 'What it's like to work at Doc Johnson?'" Rodgers elaborated. "Not only is working in the sex toy industry fascinating, but having the chance to cohost a radio show with Chad has limitless potential. We're providing our audiences with the very best information and entertainment all rolled into a weekly one hour show."

In addition to regular scheduled segments like Sunny's Sex Toy Stats, Sex Toy Hacks and Product Idea of the Week, "Ask The Doc" will also feature guests both within and outside of the industry.

Companies who wish to advertise on the "Ask The Doc" show can email for more information.

Fans can access the Doc Johnson "Ask The Doc" radio show page at Listeners can record their questions 24 hours a day at (323) 642-9444 or call in during the show to have questions answered live.

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