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Ron Braverman to Keynote XBIZ 360 Pleasure Products Conference

Ron Braverman to Keynote XBIZ 360 Pleasure Products Conference

XBIZ is pleased to announce Ron Braverman, legendary founder of preeminent pleasure products company Doc Johnson, as the special keynote speaker for the 2015 XBIZ 360 Pleasure Products Conference.

Braverman founded the iconic sex toy brand in 1976, starting up with just 1,500 square feet and nine employees. Since that time, the North Hollywood, Calif.-based manufacturer has grown its facilities to a business that now employs more than 500 people, occupying more than 250,000 square feet and offering a catalog of about 10,000 products.

As a hands-on leader Braverman also is credited as one of the founders of the modern-day rendition of the Free Speech Coalition. Braverman, along with other industry leaders, was part of the first FSC board in the early 1990s with meetings held at the Doc Johnson offices.

"I am sincerely honored to be the keynote speaker for the upcoming XBIZ 360 Pleasure Products Conference," Braverman said. "I am looking forward to sharing my insights into where I see the future of sexual health products heading, and more importantly, revealing the roots of this industry and the heritage that Doc Johnson has built."

In his biography, Braverman describes the roots of Doc Johnson.

"Doc Johnson was born in 1976," he said. "After living in Europe I realized that adult toys had a huge demographic, and I worked to make Doc Johnson America's most imminent producer of adult products. My mission was to create the most superior products on the market, while maintaining a solid culture of integrity and forthrightness. Keeping manufacturing in America and keeping Americans employed has always been extremely important to me, as my way of supporting the economy and the local community.?

"Since then, the Doc Johnson brand has grown and evolved. We started with a handful of employees, and now have a team of over 500 people in our factory and offices in North Hollywood, Calif. The adult novelty industry has grown and evolved, but one theme that has remained constant at Doc Johnson is our strong commitment to American manufacturing. Today, we are the largest adult toy manufacturing company in the world with a facility that encompasses over eight acres with departments to handle everything from conception to shipping - and not only do we produce the majority of our products in America, but we also strive to create the most high-quality, realistic and creative products on the market."??

At Doc Johnson, Braverman has established an office culture that supports teamwork and takes pride in creating quality products that represent new and innovative American manufacturing.

"I am proud to say that we at Doc Johnson are still bringing you premium, hand-crafted products that are made in America," he said.

Braverman, who received the Industry Pioneer Award at the 2012 XBIZ Awards, will deliver his keynote on Jan. 15 at the Andaz Hotel on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, Calif., as part of the XBIZ 360 event series specifically tailored to explore every facet of the multibillion-dollar adult industry.

"It is an incredible honor to have Ron Braverman share his legendary story and vision for the future with our audience," XBIZ President and founder Alec Helmy said. "For more than three decades, Ron has remained a leader through unequaled foresight and fortitute. Ron Braverman is to pleasure products what Paul McCartney is to rock and roll."

XBIZ Associate Publisher Sara Ramirez adds, "We are extremely pleased to present attendees of the XBIZ 360 Pleasure Products Conference with the rare opportunity to hear about the business' evolution directly from an industry icon. Ron Braverman has had an unparalleled career that shows no sign of slowing down. This special keynote is one not to be missed."

The XBIZ 360 Pleasure Products Conference is designed to decode the future of sexual health products through unparalleled seminars, keynote presentations and exclusive special events.