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Japanese Drip Candles - 3 Pack Multi-Colored

SKU #:2101-01-CD

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Product Information

Candles are wonderful for setting the mood, but they're even better for 'pleasure and pain' sex play. Our Japanese Drip candles are the favorite for adventurous couples everywhere. Their warm drip teases and tantalizes in a way you will never forget! Comes in a three-pack of Red, Purple, and Black candles.

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• For the Experience Players Only
• Paraffin Drip Candles
• Burns Cooler And Feels Great On Skin
• non-Toxic Wax
• Built in America

  • UPC Code 782421998516
  • Circumference 2.51 (in)
  • Bulk Weight 0.11 kg / 0.25 lbs
  • Package Weight 0.18 kg / 0.40 lbs
  • Material WAX
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Decent Review by TJ
These candles are a bit hot for my liking, and should not be used by a beginner, except with great caution. The type of wax is not specified anywhere, which bothers me, and means you can't research and compare them at all.

All that being said they are fun, and look pretty when on skin (Posted on 4/26/2015)

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