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A new look for “Made in the U.S.A”

13 Sep

We recently saw the cover story on the current issue of Dwell Magazine  and it got us thinking about how many American companies rushed to outsource over the last 2 decades and how the renaissance that Dwell is praising is something that never changed for us. We make 75% of our full product line right here in the USA.  And that is A LOT of product, folks… to the tune of about 5,000,000 total pieces a year, on average. 5 Million! And making those products means keeping about 500 people at Doc Johnson employed. Which? Is pretty damn awesome.


October issue of Dwell


So, how can you tell if one of our (5 million…oh come on, it’s impressive!) products is ‘Made In The USA’? It’s easy – we label them. We’re big on transparency. We actually just updated the label’s design and made it a little more modern – and here’s a sneak peek at our new version:

The new label. You like?

Diana shows Erica some moves in the molding office!

6 Sep

The beginning of “35 Things About Doc”

31 Aug

Today is the 35th anniversary for Doc Johnson and we made the most of it! From celebrating in the office, to sharing the love with our fans, to talking with press, it’s been busy! But that good happy kind of busy, ya know?
One of my favorite things we worked on this week, as part of the anniversary celebration, were the “35 Things About Doc” quotes – which you’ll be seeing over the next 35 days…there are SO many passionate people who have 10, 20, 30+ years with the company! You just don’t see that very often. And we’re still growing.

35 voices, 35 different perspectives, 35 people out of the over 500 who make Doc Johnson work.

Doc Johnson was born in 1976 when founder Ron Braverman purchased a very small company that sold adult toys along with gag novelties and rubber fishing items. Since then, the Doc Johnson brand has grown and evolved, but one thing that has remained constant is a strong commitment to American manufacturing. In the beginning, Doc Johnson’s North Hollywood factory was just 1,500 square feet with 9 employees. Eventually, the company moved around the corner to its present locations and secured a 33,000 square foot building. Doc Johnson now has a family of over 500 people, occupies over 250,000 square feet, and proudly offers a catalog of almost 10,000 products. It is the largest sex toy company in the world, and while business has shifted overseas for some products, the majority of Doc Johnson products are still “Proudly Made in the USA”.

Another theme that has remained constant in the history of Doc Johnson is an emphasis on nurturing employee relationships.

#1 … from the man, himself – Doc Johnson’s founder and CEO:

“It makes me so proud to have a family of people that I look forward to working with every day. We started out manufacturing in America and when the going got tough, most looked overseas – Doc Johnson didn’t; and today, we are still proud that we can continue to say “Made in America.”” – Ron Braverman, 35 years with Doc Johnson