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Q: When was Doc Johnson founded?

A: Doc started manufacturing and selling adult novelties back in 1976. As a founding member of the industry it has been incredible to be part of something that has grown to levels we couldn’t have dreamed of. After 35 years, it is an honor and privilege to still be a driving force in this incredible market.

Q: What is your #1 selling toy of all time?

A: A hard question to answer because of how many categories of products we currently sell. We have been lucky enough to have many of the industries best-selling products of all time. Our 8” Classic Dong has been a best-seller for 35 years and still continues to this day. From the Original Pocket Rocket to our iVibe Rabbit series to our award-winning Lucid Dreams collection, we have created brand names that stand the test of time.

Q: What sets Doc Johnson apart?

A: We believe it is our experience, which is unparalleled at 35 years, and our commitment to our American manufacturing that truly set us apart. Doc Johnson is a true manufacturer of adult product, with over 200,000 square ft. of manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles, CA. We design, develop and produce a large portion of our catalog right here at home. We have stood by this commitment over 35 years through many trails and tribulations. Our commitment was not only to our Home, but also to our family of employees, to hard work, to innovation, to quality, and to you.

Q: What is Sil-A-Gel?

A: Sil-A-Gel is an anti-bacterial compound that we add to all of our Made-in-USA products. It is not a coating or a separate material. It is added into our material in the raw mixing phase so that the anti-bacterial agents are actually engrained into the product and will not wash away with use. Sil-A-Gel helps stop the spread of unwanted and potentially bad bacteria forming on your favorite products. Although you should always wash your products with mild soap and water, Sil-A-Gel is our way of going the extra mile to make sure that your products are as safe and clean as they can be.

Q: What is UR3?

A: UR3 stands for Ultra Realistic 3.0. It is the 3rd version of our best-selling Realistic(c) family of products. It is by far the most life-like material in the industry. It perfectly mimics the feel and touch of human skin. That is why we make all of our best-selling strokers and masturbators, as well as some incredible dongs and dildos, in UR3. Our UR3 is made from TPE, non-phthalate and always proudly Made in America.

Q: What is R5?

A: R5 is our 5th generation Realistic material that we specifically use for our Realistic Cocks. We believe that it perfectly blends the right about of softness and rigidity, complimenting each other and delivering the realistic feel of an erect penis. R5 is made from PVC, non-phthalate and always proudly Made in America.

Q: What is Vac-U-Lock?

A: Vac-U-Lock is a US patented harness attachment system. It was the first of its kind 2o years ago when it was developed and still continues to be the strongest brand name in harness systems today. With countless attachments, plugs and full harness systems, Vac-U-Lock is an all-encompassing modular sex system that gives the user the ability to pair different attachments with different harnesses and Vac-U-Lock plugs to create infinite possibilities.

Q: How should I clean my product?

A: Every product can effectively be cleaned with mild soap and water. If you have a Platinum Silicone or non-vibrating glass product you can also clean it in boiling water or your dishwasher (top-rack). To maintain a high life quality for your UR3 products, we recommend using our maintenance powder after each cleaning.

Q: Am I using my product safely?

A: We always say safety first. Then teamwork :). All toys were not created equal, and you should carefully read the package for any warnings or disclaimers to make sure that your pleasure is uninterrupted. Some general tips are to make sure that your product is always cleaned correctly after use, don’t use the toy in a way that was not intended and make sure that your batteries are fresh. If you have any specific questions regarding a product and its suggested use, please do not hesitate to ask the Doc a question.

Q: What is the proper way to store my product?

A: There are a lot of ways that you can store your product(s). There are various bags and boxes sold specifically for storing your favorite toy(s). We recommend that if you are using a method in which you store various products together that you put each of them into a Ziploc style plastic bag as some materials do not behave well around others. Good storage practices will help maintain the quality and life of your toys. Be good to your toys and they’ll be great to you!


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