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Aug. 19, 2015

What is the difference between R5 and UV3? And what is your largest girth in dildo/dong/vibrator in these two materials.


R5 is a PVC and UR3 is a TPE.
The PVC is harder tougher and can be used with any lube you like.
The TPE (dong/dildo) is a dual density soft on the outside and more firm inside. You can only use water-based lube.
The PCV HUNG is 3 inches wide.
The UR3 HUNGis 3 inches wide also.

There is also our Great American Challenge vibrating version. It's purple PVC and you can use any lube you want.

Aug. 18, 2015

is any of your strap-ons hollow? I have ED and am looking for a hollow one


Take a look at our Strappys.
Let me know if these are what you're looking for.

Aug. 15, 2015

Which male masturbators are closed-ended? It would be GREAT if you actually specified that in their descriptions. There are some that specify if they are open-ended, but most don't say anything.


Here are the closed ended masturbators:

Sasha Grey - Deep Throat Pocket Pal SKU #:5410-05-BX

Sasha Grey UR3® Cream Pie Pocket Pussy SKU #:5410-02-BX

The Super Sucker 2.0 SKU #:0684-20-BX

Balls Deep 9" Stroker - Ass SKU #:0684-31-BX

Balls Deep 9" Stroker - Mouth SKU #:0684-32-BX

Balls Deep 9" Stroker - Pussy SKU #:0684-30-BX

OptiMALE™ Vibrating Stroker - Chain Links - Black SKU #:0693-11-BX

OptiMALE™ Vibrating Stroker - Massage Beads - Frost SKU #:0693-12-BX

OptiMALE™ Vibrating Stroker - Thick Ribs - Blue SKU #:0693-10-BX

Belladonna's - Throat Fucker SKU #:5075-05-BX

Vicky Vette - Deep Throat Sucker SKU #:5420-05-BX